A collection of true stories based on the diaries of,
and written by, Arthur Cope, R. A. (T. A.)
“Many are the memoirs by generals and politicians of the 1939-45 War and many stories have been written of the exploits of prisoners of war. As a variation, here is an extract from my diary - a diary of an ordinary soldier of one small unit which was pitted against the might of the German Forces led by Field-Marshall Rommell, in what turned out to be the last Axis advance in the Middle East, or in fact in the whole of the war.”     - Arthur Cope
Our Grandfather wrote these stories based on his diaries from the Second World War - but sadly they were never published. But now you can read them all in their glory and enjoy a remarkable insight into a WWII British Soldier.

Please select a story from the menu on the left hand side. Chapter One begins with extracts from our Grandfather’s diary, followed by 18 short stories, my Afterword, Poety and the War Diaries Gallery and new Message Board for you to leave your views and comments.

Please enjoy your visit...     

- Richard A. Cope
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